The Hub

Nanjing International School


Nanjing, China


A place for curation, quiet study and group discussion.. a place to be inspired, meet, ask questions and seek support. A place to access data, print, digital and various media types...a place to connect with the rest of the world.

EIW’s projects at NIS have derived high quality design outcomes through a multitude of different learning environments. The Early Years project was completed for the beginning of the 2019-2020 school year and the innovative environment created for small children as they begin their ‘learning adventure’ has been excitedly embraced. It is not without risk as teachers and leadership changes through a project, but the feedback we have had and learning we have observed has been very positive validation of the design approach.

The Hub project, focused around the access of digital and hard copy resources, is set to commence construction in 2020 and will provide a stunning new identity for the school, bringing the early, primary, middle and senior years together over three floors in the heart of this IB school. Settings for study, group and individuals, presentation spaces, technology and research support, student and staff learning spaces will all come together in a green, culturally sensitive learning environment that adds to the ‘learning adventure’. As we move of from this, EIW has begun designing the refurbishment of existing buildings to form up new learning communities for the years 1+2, years 3+4, science and environment, middle years + languages, together with a new student learning lounge that provides access to staff and counselors to support the ongoing development of well-being in the school. Watch this space as we continue to navigate through the many statutory challenges in Nanjing but will eventually lead to more exemplary learning environments for this wonderful, international learning community.