Hammond Park Catholic Primary School Stage 2

Catholic Education Office WA


Hammond Park, Western Australia


ZD Constructions


Complete April 2016


Silvertone Photography


New Library, Junior Primary Building and grassed playing area.

Following the aesthetics and design principles of stage 1, the buildings were set within the natural bush landscape around a central grassed play area.

The new Junior Primary building includes four classroom spaces with a central Multipurpose Room. Covered verandahs on north and south extend the learning space into the landscape beyond. Glass and acoustic panel operable walls between rooms give flexibility while ceiling fans and a light shelf ensure natural ventilation and cooling is achieved.

The new Library is a large open space, with an adjacent Multipurpose Room and a tiered reading nook with views to the bushland beyond. This space can be used for a multitude of different activities for both students and staff, and the wider community.

In addition to the two buildings, this project includes a large grassed play space under existing trees, numerous nature play spaces, and two bush shelters for small group activities, including art and play-based learning.