CBC Fremantle - Staff and Student Services Centre

Christian Brothers College


Fremantle, Western Australia


Martell Builders


Complete April 2014


eiw Architects


CBC commissioned eiw to plan and design a new Staff and Student Services Centre.

The Centre is a three story steel-framed, brick and glass building addition to the existing heritage administration building at the corner of Ellen and Stirling Streets. The intent of this project was to preserve and sustain the original college administration building as a sacred space for the College community, while at the same time consolidate amenities for the school community while providing both staff and students with a state of the art facility to support 21st Century Learning Community.

The ground floor houses student services. Students will have one location where they may be counselled for their current and future endeavours.

The staff spaces will be housed on the upper two floors of the proposed addition with this state of the art facility where staff will have appropriate resources and IT facilities to perform their daily activities, have the opportunity to come together formally for meetings, informally to review and revise curricula and have a place that supports professional development. The goal of this addition was to create a place that values development for all its learners, students and staff alike.