Rocky Bay Community Housing

Department of Housing


Mosman Park, Western Australia


BGC Constructions


Complete February 2014


P.A.I.D Photography


Contemporary specialised accommodation for people living with disability.

Rocky Bay Community Housing offers contemporary accommodation for people living with disability. Utilising reverse brick veneer and low pitched roofs, the simple building forms make a striking contrast against the local suburban style. High thermal control is maintained throughout with passive systems augmented with some active heating and cooling and in-floor heating systems. This is a facility with highly specialised inbuilt features, for residents with complex needs, in a total living package that must present as, and promote, modern comfortable normalised living and encourage an active interactive lifestyle. Security utilises voice activated and proximity card control. Houses incorporate nurse call systems with interface to carers, and all buildings have smoke detection and alarm with direct brigade connection and domestic fire sprinkler protection. Access considerations are paramount across this development. Flush access is provided throughout with large automated doors, wide passages, universally accessible spaces, fittings and fixtures. New planting themes utilise predominantly local plant species with some fruit trees and vegetable gardens.