Nanjing International School

Nanjing International School


Nanjing, China


Competition - Redevelopment of Early Years Spaces

eiw have been successful in a shortlisted, international design competition for the redesign of the Early Years precinct at the Nanjing International School (NIS).

Following a design thinking collaboration between NIS and NoTosh over 2 years, eiw approached a design concept by building upon the two stated goals:

  • Putting student voice and choice at the centre of things
  • Bursting the bubble

eiw’s human-centred design solution focuses on the learning imperatives, not purely on organisational goals. It stretches the fabric of the school to move beyond enclosure, control and silos, to an environment of fluidity, inquiry, discovery, inclusion and a diversity of learning modes.

We determined that the early years learning experience should be a celebration of all the senses. We want children to pursue discovery in this Reggio-inspired environment, embracing every opportunity available to them. Their learning environment is everywhere, it excites the senses through their eyes, through their touch, through their movement, through using their hands and feet. It is the excitement and willingness to do new things, it is an adventure.

The project continues to gain momentum with Chloe and Philip, together with Four Landscape Studio and Lucid Consulting, visiting the school and working through design workshops with the leadership, teachers and local consultants.

We look forward to sharing more of this exciting story and the ongoing process of Building Ideas.