Campus Gateway

Vientiane International School


Vientiane, Laos




New sports centre, administration and performing arts centre.

The Gateway Project, incorporating a new sports centre, administration and performing arts centre, has completed the tender process and construction is now underway. Drawing on the regional context and cultural imperatives, EIW has designed learning and community facilities that enhance the incorporation of the UN Sustainability Development Goals in meaningful ways, whether physically or providing places to develop curriculum initiatives around the international principles. The exciting project has been a challenge over the last 12 months as EIW worked successfully with the Laos-based consultant team, formulating design refinements and completing tender documentation remotely. Improving already established methods for remotely communicating has been a valuable opportunity during the COVID-19 pandemic. The public launch of the project was an inspiration for returning families to Vientiane as they saw the visionary leadership and commitment by the School Board in providing exemplary learning facilities.

Watch this space.