Building Ideas with All Saints' College

25th Feb 2019 • eiw Projects

Planning for today and planning for the future - over the last few months we have been working closely with the All Saints' College community.

Together with Four Landscape Studio and NoTosh, we have run a number of master planning workshops with parents, staff and students at All Saints' College. Enthusiastic students have been willing participants in the workshops, providing ideas and feedback as they look to build their own legacy at All Saints. A number of staff have taken part in multiple workshops and the clarity around the spaces, learning and practice looking to the future is taking shape thanks to our collaborative, creative team and thorough process.

Digesting and condensing this information isn't easy work, but it is vital to our process. We have enjoyed our visits and each time we walk away with a clearer vision of the current and future needs of the All Saints community and campus.