LearningSCAPES 14-18 October 2021 (USA)

24th Feb 2021 • Events

Disruptive Optimism: Education, Planning and Design in Fifty Years.

For decades educators, policymakers, planners, and design professionals across the globe have been nibbling around the edges of positive change. However, recent disruptive forces surrounding the global pandemic, social injustice, and economic stresses have made the need for holistic and radical change more visible. The 2021 Global Conference will explore the disruptive forces at play around the world, the positive opportunity they represent, and the actions necessary to create an optimistic and more effective future.

Association for Learning Environment’s mission is to connect those who passion is to create the best possible learning spaces that encourage innovation, critical thinking, collaborative teamwork and other skills that will empower students to succeed in a rapidly changing world.

Date: 14th October - 18th October 2021

Location: Hyatt Regency - Denver, Colorado (USA)

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