Learning2 Asia 17-19 October 2019 (China)

1st Apr 2019 • Events

A conference by teachers – for teachers.

Learning2 is an innovative, engaging and constantly evolving face-to-face conference with a focus on leveraging technology to support learning globally. Since its inception in 2007, Learning2 is considered to be one of the leading annual educational technology conferences in the Asia region and is now expanding into new regions including Africa, Europe and South America. In 2015, Learning2 became a not-for-profit organisation with the mission to innovate social learning globally.

This years theme: ConnectED

As part of the conference EIW will be taking participants on a journey through the newly redeveloped Reggio Emilia inspired early years centre at Nanjing International School. Phil and Chloe will be guiding delegates through the collaborative process and discussing how the NIS strategy was a driving force behind EIW's design choices.

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17-19 October 2019

Nanjing International School, China

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