LEA re:Activate Conference - generating a city of learning 2020 (NZ)

25th Sep 2019 • Events

You are invited to what will be one of the most culturally rich and diverse conferences of 2020, re:Activate generating a city of learning.

Note: The Learning Environments Australasia Conference has been postponed and will not proceed on 13-15 May 2020.

Christchurch has been through a huge dramatic transformation in the last decade. The regenerating has taken time, however there has been a huge amount of collective positive energy in all areas across the city, this need and want to take back a city lost by the two significant earthquakes of September 2010 and February 2011 is still strong in their resilient community.

Due to these two events it has meant that many of the learning environments not only needed re-shaping and strengthening but a total rebuild in many cases.

At the re:Activate generating a city of learning conference a vast array of learning environments from early childhood, primary and secondary schools to universities will be showcased, as well as the urban fabric required to re:Activate a city.

re:Activate generating a city of learning

2020 (new date TBC)

Christchurch, New Zealand.

More details released soon. You can register your interest here.