Building Learning Ecosystems 8-10 June 2022 (Adelaide, Australia)

20th Dec 2021 • Events

Connect - Evolve - Disrupt

The theme for 2022, Building Learning Ecosystems, fosters the idea that learning is most effective when it occurs within a healthy and balanced ecosystem.

In recent years Adelaide has seen the emergence of many innovative learning environments that support new pedagogical practices across all sectors of education. As a result, the Building Learning Ecosystems conference is proud to showcase a vast array of learning environments in schools, universities, cities and nature, as well as initiatives that are less place specific or use a range of locations to create a connected ecosystem for learning.

The theme of the conference Building Learning Ecosystems will be an exploration of learning ecosystems. Learning ecosystems represent a positive future for human environments. Environments where a balanced system of internal (familial, personal, cultural, spiritual), external (learning settings, curriculum, pedagogy, teaching practice) and place related (learning spaces, whole buildings, campuses, nature, city, digital) components support learning and development and continuously adapt to changing circumstances.

When: 8-10 June 2022

Where: Adelaide Convention Centre

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