Learning from home during Covid-19

1st Apr 2020 • Enrichment

A few handy learning resources for parents and caregivers.

The thought of home schooling your child due to the current Covid-19 pandemic could be a little daunting for some. As of today, schools in WA are still open but parents have the options to make alternative arrangements at home if they choose to.

There is a variety of curriculum support and learning resources available online and these will likely increase over the coming weeks as demand grows. We have provided a list below of some of the resources currently available.

As expected some resources may have been created before the Covid-19 outbreak so amendments will need to be made along the way; if they suggest outings or group activities for example.

If you’re looking for any guidance on how to talk to children or young people about Covid-19 the Australian Red Cross has published an article with some suggestions on how to approach the matter. There is also a video resource on youtube published by ABC Australia in partnership with parenting author and educator Maggie Dent. Hopefully this can not only educate them but also help reduce any fear or anxiety they may have.

Happy educating; we might all feel a little more grateful towards our educators once we’re through this.

The Department of Education WA is a good place to start, they provide a range of learning resources and activities sorted by year level. You can also find some great information on support services available as well as general information on health and wellbeing.

In response to Covid-19 Ted Conferences have launched TED-Ed@Home, a range of videos organised by age-level and subject. You can even customise lessons for your child! Worth a look.

ABC iview has some fantastic programs categorised into primary and secondary, and by subject. This one might be good for when mum, dad or caregiver needs a little quiet coffee break.

ABC ME will be extending its educational programming from 10am - 3pm each weekday during term 2. The new schedule will start with blocks of primary school content in the mornings through to secondary school in the afternoons.

The ABC Kids Listen App provides educational and entertaining audio content for children aged 0-5. Their programs are inspired by the Early Years Framework of Australia.

ABC Reading Eggs is aimed at children learning to read. They currently have a 30 day free trial on offer, available on your desktop and via the app store.

Move it Mob Style is a 20 episode x 30 minute dance-based fitness program showcasing Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander hip hop and music. Perfect for when cabin fever hits and they need to burn a little energy.

Audible is offering free audiobooks for kids during school closures. All stories are free to stream on desktops, laptops, phone or tablet.

Educational Consultant Dr Claire Warden (Mindstretchers Academy) has opened a free virtual nature school for 3-11 year olds. The virtual school supports inquiry-based learning inside the home and in the garden. This is not Australian based so the session times likely won't suit, but the resources such as her nature play diaries are available for free online. Claire and her team are all about integrating nature with education so her website and social pages may be worth a look just for general inspiration.

"In my experience of working with children in unsettling times, the key is routine and stability in their world, combined with the positive mindset that this will pass, and we will be together again"

Dr Claire Warden

RAC Little Legends is aimed at primary school aged children, these games are designed to help children learn about bicycle, pedestrian and passenger safety. Free to join.

Scholastic Learn at Home has a great variety of learning resources for kindergarten to year 9. Also worth a look!

Autism Awareness Australia have created a list of resources and links on their website to assist educators with teaching children with autism; from visual resources, apps to general support.

If you know of any other online resources that we could add to the list above please get in touch. We will keep updating this list.

Happy educating, keep well and good luck!