Interview - Coffee Break with Rob Scott

27th May 2019 • Enrichment

Pitch perfect audio and high definition visuals, it can appear seamless but there is some expertise involved. Rob Scott, a jack of all trades, is a leading audio visual consultant here in Perth. We have had the pleasure of working side by side with him on Kingsway Christian College Auditorium and the recently completed Corpus Christi College Theatre (pictured right). We managed to pull him out of the sound booth for 5 minutes to answer a few questions for us.

Can you tell us a bit about yourself and the services Trans Media Alliance provides?

We are professional consultants in sound, lighting, multi-media, television and acoustics, anything from auditoriums, churches to architectural lighting.

I'm a 'concept' guy who enjoys creating new ideas and pushing boundaries. My history in introducing breakthroughs in technology has included:

  • Changing from analogue to digital editing studios in radio/tv and post-production houses throughout Australia, Indonesia and Malaysia
  • Introducing progressive audio, video and lighting systems into the modern contemporary church
  • Designing the first all digital AVL systems for the modern theatre

What can you tell us about the new theatre at Corpus Christi College?

The Corpus Christi College project immediately followed on from the successful Kingsway Christian College (Auditorium) project which was also designed by EIW and incorporated AVL & Stage Mechanics design by Trans Media Alliance. This new Corpus Christi College theatre has an all-digital sound, video and lighting system.

(ABOVE: Corpus Christi College Theatre)

Sound has already gone through the digital change in consoles. Audio video and lighting cable has also leapt into Cat 6 digital cable over the last few years making many large multicore looms and such-like redundant.'

  • Exciting new technology in stage lighting includes the new 'Hybrid' movers mentioned above. Until very recently a choice had to be made as to what combination of Beams, Washes, or Profiles moving fixtures to use. The new Hybrid movers can be anything you want them to be! Beam, Wash, Profile at the press of a control button. This is a remarkable advancement in technology
  • The new 'Spiral-lift' motorised platform technology is going to be utilised more and more in the future
  • Live-streaming technology is also becoming very simple, reliable and excellent quality which will be universally used

Lots happening - stay in touch!

Can you tell us something most people wouldn't know about you?

I was a member of a band in the 70's that had no 1 hits in UK, Australia & NZ

I am an ordained Christian Minister and Wedding Celebrant

I am a Recording Engineer, Producer and Film Score Composer

I'm a busy guy!

Trans Media Alliance

(ABOVE: Peter & Chloe - EIW; Rob - Trans Media Alliance; Andrew & Gerard - McCorkell Constructions at Corpus Christi College Theatre)

The stage mechanics includes a massive motorised platform which can be in any one of three positions including Orchestra Pit level, theatre floor level or as a thrust stage at stage level. There are over a hundred LED stage lighting fixtures which include the very latest 'Hybrid' moving intelligent lights and the sound system includes custom 'Line-Array' flown speakers.

In regards to audio visual technology, what do you believe will be the next big thing?!

I made the following statement in 2017 which has and is proving to be very accurate -

'I think the next big thing will be a total shift to LED Stage Lighting and more and more use of LED Video Panels (as we have introduced on this project). 3D Holograms could be interesting! Almost every new lighting fixture replaced in existing theatres or other venues is being replaced with LED technology. I see projectors and screens will gradually be replaced with LED video panels.