Celebrating Australian Design

29th Apr 2020 • Enrichment

We couldn't think of a better time to celebrate and explore Australian made designs that not only provide a useful purpose but add some comfort and colour to any learning environment.

(Above: Waffle Leaves by Luxxbox - available from Castledex)

// Castledex

The Waffle Leaves (above) by Luxxbox, not only offer functional acoustic sound absorption but we think they offer a pop of nature inspired fun! What's even more exciting is these leafy designs are 100% recyclable and manufactured from 65% recycled material. They are available in 3 colours and made from pure wool upholstery fabric. We recommend watering once a week (just jokes!).

On the subject of noise, we also couldn't go past the Hexy acoustic wall tiles by Luxxbox. Available in a multitude of colours, sizes and patterns these wall tiles provide effective sound absorption and can act as a visual wall feature in any room.

< (Left: Hexy by Luxxbox - available from Castledex)

(Right: Puku Ottoman by Coco Flip, available from designFARM) >

// designFARM

The Puku Ottoman by Coco Flip is described as like a little cartoon character you sit on. Well suited to libraries and break out spaces, this piece was inspired by time spent in Japan however Puku is actually an affectionate Maori term for 'chubby belly'. Coco Flip are based in Melbourne and designer Kate Stokes is originally a WA girl.

The Blossom Pendant by Dowel Jones is exactly what the name suggests, a soft and earthy petal-like pendant. Designed and manufactured in Melbourne, this piece is effective with just the one pendant, or hung in a small cluster for larger spaces.

< (Left: EDO Teahouse by Schamburg and Alvisse, available from Zenith Interiors)

// Zenith Interiors

The EDO Teahouse by Schamburg and Alvisse is the perfect addition to any learning environment requiring space for reading, quiet study as well as group work. Sitting inside the Teahouse feels cosy and intimate while still allowing visual connection to the environment and passers by.

The 3000 standard 2 seat lounge by Schamburg & Alvisse also ticks the learning boxes in regards to quiet study, group work... and maybe a coffee or two. A little less intimate than the EDO Teahouse but more flexibility to move them around according to changing needs. The 3000 lounge pays homage to the Melbourne postcode as the lounge was originally designed for the NAB building located in Docklands, Melbourne.

Currently our talented Australian designers and distributors need our support more than ever. For more information on particular products please contact the showroom listed.