Building ideas continues on!

19th Mar 2020 • Community

Our studio at eiw Architects has put in place a number of contingency plans to deal with developments related to COVID-19.

As we all understand, the control and influence we have during these times varies dependent on our organization. We feel for all of our clients in the education sectors as you wrestle with the stresses involved with running schools, colleges and universities.

What we are resolute about is that ‘building ideas’ continues on! Our whole studio are committed to supporting our business by maintaining our service to you, our clients, consultants and builders.

Direct control

We continue to operate on all of our projects, whether they be at a feasibility/master plan stage or through to being on-site construction and contract administration. Other than a total lockdown that may effect construction sites, we don’t see this current situation as being compromised.

  • All EIW staff have been given the option of working remotely but have reaffirmed their desire to remain in the studio for the time being. We have made arrangements for our staff to car-pool to avoid public transport and this is reducing some anxiety that existed.
  • Having stated that, plans are now finalised for our studio to operate remotely when required, with all staff being contactable via email, phone, online conferencing etc. as per normal. We have been working on projects in China and Laos remotely for over 2 years now, whilst also conducting committee and Board meetings with A4LE across the globe for the past 7 years, so these are tested technologies and we’d be more than happy to work with you on these as well.
  • Working on projects remotely within our project teams has been organized through digital collaboration tools that will maintain contact between our staff to ensure full collaboration is maintained, a critical part of being a studio. This will flow through to you, our clients, consultants and contractors
  • Timelines we are committed to remain. We understand that working efficiencies from home are going to be an initial challenge but we are all accountable to each other, and consequently to you. There will be situations when receiving feedback on ideas and questions between all of us may impact on these efficiencies, but we will endeavor to do our utmost to keep on track.
  • Output has been digital for a long time from architectural studios so we are all well equipped to continue along these lines.

Direct influence

EIW understands that many of you will also be in a situation of working remotely, whether that is through future shutdowns in schools and colleges or your own organisation’s response to the ongoing situations. We have some learnings from dealing with our Chinese projects since mid-January and know how difficult it has been for schools over there being shut for the last 2 months. However, we need to keep Australia moving and businesses operating as we all appreciate. We are committed to providing our service to you.

Indirect influence

Let’s be positive and learn as much as we can out of this! New technologies will be embraced and our studio culture and wellbeing will be enhanced by looking after each other.

We have exciting projects under way and are also relocating our studio physically during 2020!

So watch this space, stay healthy and keep on building ideas with eiw!