29 October 2014

Peter Lippman talks about office and classroom design with Kate Everson, Associate Editor of 'Chief Learning Officer' magazine .

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Learning by Design

Make a Place for Learning




EIW Architects to present at the next Merge ‘3 Over 4 Under’ Talk

Two of EIW Architects Associate Directors’; Dani Martin and Peter C. Lippman have been invited to present at Merge ‘3 Over 4 Under’ talk on Thursday 23rd October. Merge is a collective of established and establishing Architects here in Perth where knowledge is shared and support is given.

At the talk- alongside 2 other established firms and 4 emerging firms- the topic “On Impact” will address the effect the work we do has on everything around it; from the population to the environment and everything in between. Hammond Park Catholic Primary School, Tranby College, Santa Maria College, and Holy Cross College will be showcased as places that we have created and are having a positive impact on students and the learning process.

It will be an evening of shared knowledge, a chance to mingle and best of all- the event is free.

See the poster below for full event and rsvp details. We would love to have your support. See you there:

 14x10x14- Merge Talk- 3o4u Poster 2014 A3- Resized for website