18 October 2013

Architecture Week 2013- Saturday 19th - Friday 25th October

Architecture Week starts this Saturday! EIW staff have again been assisting with the preparations for this event. This year’s lineup includes many exciting activities for the whole family.

There are lots of events on like Box City, Walking Tours, Exhibitions, 3 Over 4 Under and an exclusive lecture by Architect John Wardle.

The full program can be found here

Access a calendar of events on the Perth Architecture Website.Click here to view.



Latest article by Associate Director Peter C. Lippman

EIW Architect's Associate Director Peter C. Lippman along with Janine Betz explore the effect technology has on today's learning environments and the importance of adapting these environments to suit the changes.   

Read the full article as it appears in Learning by Design, here.

Image below: Planning of Stormanston High School, Perth, W.A. (Designed by EIW Architects) Stormanston_College-_Planning








Flexible learning areas accommodate a variety of learning styles


Chicago- A stimulating metropolis for any architect

EIW Architect's Director Philip Idle takes an inspirational trip to Chicago during his visit to The States for the 2013 CEFPI World Conference, Indianapolis.

Marvelling at the works of Frank Lloyd Wright (Pre WWI) and Ludwig Mies Van Der Rohe (Pre WW2) and their influence on Chicago's cityscape today.

Read full article here